Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen


De redactie ontving het programma van de A.A. Brediusstichting, die gevestigd is in Kasteel Hernen, 6616 AH Hernen (tel. 0487-531387). Helaas lopen de meeste programmaonderdelen tot eind december, zodat dit nummer te laat komt om ze nog te vermelden.

Twee lezingen, georganiseerd door het Department of Classics/Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies van het King’s College, London:

27 januari 1997, 17:30. Seminar: Krijnnie Ciggaar (Leiden): ‘Three historical personalities, three contacts between the West & Byzantium: Theophanu, Guibert of Nogent, St. Bernard.’

6 februari 1997, 18:00: Sixth Annual Runciman Lecture: Prof. Anthony Bryer (Birmingham): ‘This is Roum country; they spoke christian here’. Who were the Byzantines?

Maart’97: The Glory of Byzantium, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Juli ’97: Treasures from Mount Athos, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki.
1997 Spring Symposium Byzantine Studies: Desire and denial in Byzantium.

University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, 21-24 March.
Informatie: Liz James, School of European Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton.
Tenth International Non-Slavic Languages Conference.

University of Chicago, 8-10 mei 1997. Direct hierna vindt de Conference on the Cultures of Caucasia plaats, 10-11 mei 1997.
Organisatie: Howard I. Aronson, Bill J. Darden, Victor A. Friedman, NSL-10, Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Chicago. 1130 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL. 60637. E-mail:
South African Conference on Patristic and Byzantine Studies

Prof. Hendrik F. Stander laat ons weten:

“The South African Society for Patristic and Byzantine Studies will hold a conference from 27-29 August 1997 in Pretoria. A considerable number of international scholars has already indicated that they would like to read a paper at this conference. The registration fee for the conference is US $30 (non-refundable) and must be received before January 31, 1997. All other information regarding the conference will only be sent to those whose registration fee has been paid. Please note that no other fees will be payable at the conference (the banquet is optional). Please make your cheque payable to the University of Pretoria and send it to myself.

You can also contact me by e-mail. Please send all your e-mail notes under the heading “S.A. Conference” (to enable me to distinguish them from junk mail).”

Prof. Hendrik F. Stander
Dept. of Ancient Languages
University of Pretoria
0002 Pretoria

De WWW pagina van het Oecumenische Patriarchaat van Constantinopel is nu online:

Verder nog interessante adressen:

(Informatie over Byzantium)

(Byzantijnse geschiedenis, kleding, etc.)

(Slavische geschiedenis)

(Russische kerkgeschiedenis)

Athens News Agency Bulletin (No 1050), November 26, 1996
Greek Press & Information Office
Ottawa, Canada
E-Mail Address:

Attempt to convert Byzantine-era cathedral into mosque creates friction within Turkey
Istanbul, 26/11/1996 (ANA – A. Kourkoulas)

An attempt by the Turkey’s directorate of charitable foundations to convert the Byzantine cathedral of Agia Sophia in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon into a mosque is causing the reaction of the Turkish ministry of culture, press reports noted yesterday. The same reports say the ministry is claiming property rights over the church, after the directorate issued instructions for its conversion. The ruling Refah party has made it clear that “does not consider this initiative necessary.”
Ontvangen ter redactie

Byzantine studies in Australia newsletter 32 (1996) oct. Met overnames uit GH 4.1
Society for Armenian Studies Newsletter: Vol. 20, no. 1 (summer 1996).
Catalogus nr. 7 van Quest Books, Harmer Hill, Millington, York YO4 2TX, UK.


Een selectie uit de fondslijst 1996 van uitgeverij Porphyrogenitus :

Monumenta Peloponnesiaca, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1995
A collection of 320 fully annotated, unpublished documents in Latin, Italian, and Greek, drawn from the archives of Dubrovnik, Florence, Malta, Paris, Venice and the Vatican. These documents shed a new light on the political, social, and economic conditions in the Peloponnese in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. 16 plates, map, full index, select vocabulary. 704 pages, 280 x 220mm, hardback, ISBN 1 871328 06 3. Price £130.

Kathegetria: essays in honour of J.M. Hussey, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1988
A collection of 31 articles by internationally distinguished scholars, exploring a wide range of important aspects of Byzantine history – a fitting tribute to Professor Hussey’s contribution to Byzantine studies.
Contributors include J. Darrouzes, J. Koder, H. Hunger, S. Runciman.
543 pages, 242 x 170mm, hardback, maps, analytical index.
ISBN 1 871328 00 4.
Price £45.

The journals and letters of George Finlay, ed. J.M. Hussey, 1995
The journals and selected correspondence of the nineteenth-century Scottish scholar, traveller, and philhellene. His writings provide a vivid picture of day to day life in Greece, and will be an invaluable source to topographers, archaeologists and historians. This edition is richly illustrated with over 130 of Finlay’s own sketches. 949 pages, 240 x 165mm, hardback in two vols.
ISBN 1 871328 10 1. Price £95.

Jonathan Harris, Greek Emigres in the West 1400-1520, 1995
Most studies of emigrants from Constantinople and Greece in Western Europe in this period have focused on the scholars who contributed so much to the study of Greek during the Italian Renaissance. This original investigation reveals that they also included physicians, shipbuilders, artists, and other skilled craftsmen, and argues that the readiness of western regimes to employ them undermines traditional assumptions about Byzantium’s cultural and technological backwardness in the century before the fall of Constantinople. 282 pages, 220 x 150mm, hardback, index, full bibliography.
ISBN 1 871328 11 X. Price £45.

In voorbereiding:

The letter of the three patriarchs to the emperor Theophilus and related texts, ed. J. Chrysostomides, Ch. Dendrinos, and J.A. Munitiz
A new edition, with English translation, notes and substantive introduction on historical, literary and iconographical aspects of these texts, which belong to the second period of the iconoclast movement (813-843). An introductory essay by J. Chrysostomides offers a new assessment of the authenticity of the largest text, The Letter of the Three Patriarchs. c.300 pages, 240 x 160 mm, plates, indices, hardback. ISBN 1 871328 12 8. Price approx £65.

Te bestellen bij:

Porphyrogenitus Ltd.
27 Upper Gordon Road
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