Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen (6:1)


fifth Belfast Byzantine International Colloquium

“Founders and refounders of Byzantine monasteries: Evergetis and others”, fifth Belfast Byzantine International Colloquium, will be held 17-20 september 1998 at Portaferry, Co. Down.

Information:everget @

Twenty-fourth annual Byzantine Studies Conference

University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA. 5-8 November, 1998.

Inquiries: clrapp @ Claudia Rapp, Program Chair, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ 08540.

“Perspectives on Panopolis: An Egyptian town from Alexander the Great to the Arab conquest”

16-18 december 1998 in Leiden.

Information: Dr A. Egberts,egberts @

Cultural and intellectual history society

The members of C.I.HI.S. (Cultural and Intellectual History Society), a newly-founded society consisted mainly of young historians, are considering the preconditions for organising a conference which will take place in Athens, in 2000. This conference will concern the development of research conducted by historians regarding modern and contemporary Greek history (19th-20th c.).

Basically, the intention of C.I.HI.S. is to bring together historians (or other social scientists dealing with historical issues), who are still working on their Ph.D thesis or they have recently concluded it. For information concerning participation in this project please contact:cihis @

11th Conference of the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies

“Orthodoxy and Unorthodoxies”: the 11th Conference of the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney (1999). centre/ahdrc.html

Web sites

The Evergetis Project (Queen’s University, Belfast)

The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (SPBS) in the UK has a new website:

Levantia is a site for Byzantine and medieval Near Eastern social history, especially that explored by means of practical reconstruction and experimentation. It also discusses issues of historiographic method and representation in public contexts.


Porphyrogenitus ltd. – 1998 list

Now published and available:

The letter of the three patriarchs to the emperor Theophilus and related texts, ed. J.A. Munitiz, J. Chrysostomides, Ch. Dendrinos, and E. Harvalia-Crook: A new edition, with English translation, notes and introduction of these important texts, which are vital sources of information on the second period of the iconoclast movement (813-843). An introductory essay by J. Chrysostomides offers a new assessment of the authenticity of the largest text, *The Letter of the Three Patriarchs*. c.300 pages, 240 x 160 mm, plates, indices, hardback. ISBN 1 871328 12 8. Price £65.

Already published:

Monumenta Peloponnesiaca, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1995: A collection of 320 fully annotated, unpublished documents in Latin, Italian, and Greek, drawn from the archives of Dubrovnik, Florence, Malta, Paris, Venice and the Vatican. These documents shed a new light on the political, social, and economic conditions in the Peloponnese in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. 16 plates, map, full index, select vocabulary. 704 pages, 280 x 220mm, hardback ISBN 1 871328 06 3. Price £130.

Kathegetria. Essays in honour of J.M. Hussey, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1988: A collection of 31 articles by internationally distinguished scholars, exploring a wide range of important aspects of Byzantine history – a fitting tribute to Professor Hussey’s contribution to Byzantine studies. Contributors include J. Darrouzes, J. Koder, H. Hunger, S. Runciman. 543 pages, 242 x 170mm, hardback, maps, analytical index. ISBN 1 871328 00 4. Price £45.

The journals and letters of George Finlay, ed. J.M. Hussey, 1995: The journals and selected correspondence of the nineteenth-century Scottish scholar, traveller, and philhellene. His writings provide a vivid picture of day to day life in Greece, and will be an invaluable source to topographers, archaeologists and historians. This edition is richly illustrated with over 130 of Finlay’s own sketches. 949 pages, 240 x 165mm, hardback in two vols. ISBN 1 871328 10 1. Price £95.

Jonathan Harris, Greek emigres in the west 1400-1520, 1995: Most studies of emigrants from Constantinople and Greece in Western Europe in this period have focused on the scholars who contributed so much to the study of Greek during the Italian Renaissance. This original investigation reveals that they also included physicians, shipbuilders, artists, and other skilled craftsmen, and argues that the readiness of western regimes to employ them undermines traditional assumptions about Byzantium’s cultural and technological backwardness in the century before the fall of Constantinople. 282 pages, 220 x 150mm, hardback, index, full bibliography. ISBN 1 871328 11 X. Price £45.

Betty Naggaar, Jewish pedlars and hawkers 1740-1940, 1992: An amusing and vivid look into the lives of itinerant salesmen in Britain. ‘A charming book, richly illustrated … a real contribution to social history … a book to be recommended and to be explored.’ *European Judaism*. 160 pages, 206 x 140mm, paperback, 25 plates. ISBN 1 871328 05 5. Price £14.95.

Ideology and religion in French literature. Essays in honour of B. Juden, ed. H. Cockerham and E. Ehrman, 1989: A collection of 23 essays by internationally known contributors. ‘This substantial, well-produced Festschrift … is a worthy and fitting tribute to its recipient’ *French Studies*. 360 pages, 242 x 170mm, paperback. ISBN 1 871328 02 0. Price £32.80.

All these books may be ordered directly from:

Porphyrogenitus Ltd.
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Prices are quoted in £(United Kingdom Pounds Sterling). Please add 10% to over postage and packing. Make your cheque/international money order in £, payable to Porphyrogenitus Ltd.


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