Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen


De Late Antiquity Newsletter (LAN) is in te zien op het volgende adres:

Bill Thayer schrijft: RomanSites is now open for business on the Web at:

RomanSites is a semi-indexed, lightly commented catalog of roughly 1200 websites, an estimated 30,000 webpages, that in some way cover ancient Rome: as their primary focus or secondarily or even incidentally. The RS website is a bibliographical tool that can be used as a proxy for searching the Web very rapidly for Roman material: it is in essence a manual search engine.

The RomanSites website is being hosted by the History Department of the University of Kansas through the very kind offices of Prof. Lynn Nelson.

Greek hymns at the Church of Cyprus homepage:

Slavonic at:

and news of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate at

Uit: L.A.N, dec.’97, by Minos Orphanides (minos @

Electronische tijdschriften op internet/Electronic journals on internet

Er verschijnen steeds meer tijdschriften via internet. Sommige hebben ook een gedrukte versie, andere verschijnen alleen via een website, en weer andere hebben alleen een e-mail-versie. Hieronder een greep uit het aanbod dat momenteel te vinden is op internet. Allereerst een website die een goed overzicht geeft van titels:

Het blad Classics Ireland: journal of the Classical Association of Ireland:

Het tijdschrift Textual Criticism (TC: a journal of Biblical textual criticism), een alleen op internet verschijnend blad, heeft een pagina met links naar andere publicaties betreffende tekstkritiek:

Een nieuw tijdschrift voor Syrisch is Hugoye (Volume 1 Number 1 (January 1998)).

Congressen, symposia

Philadelphia seminar on christian origins in its 35th year.

An Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar under the auspices of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies Box 36 College Hall, Philadelphia 19104, U.S.A.

Topic for 1997-98: textual commentary as social practice


Megan Williams (Princeton University). meganw @
Jay Treat (University of Pennsylvania), jtreat @
Coordinator: Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania),kraft @

For 1997-98, the PSCO will bring together scholars of early Judaism, early Christianity, and the Greco-Roman world to examine interpretation as a social practice in the Mediterranean world from Philo of Alexandria through Augustine of Hippo. Our focus is on textual commentaries and related texts. In order to make sense of commentary writing in late antiquity, we wish to situate it within the context of ancient modes of reading, ancient modes of construing the relation of text and meaning, and ancient modes of transmitting knowledge, as these can be reconstructed within particular communities and cultures.

Program: March 1998 Robert Lamberton, Washington University “Interpretation in the Neo-Platonist Tradition”

May 1998 James O’Donnell, University of Pennsylvania “Christian Interpretation in Late Antiquity”

For detailed directions to the meetings and for further information, visit the PSCO web site:

The XXXII Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

27-30 March. Strangers to Themselves: The Byzantine Outsider. The XXXII Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton.

Some categories of outsiders are clear — by class, by ethnicity, by gender and sexuality, by religion. These are categories of self-definition, identity and self-identity; of drawing boundaries; of liminality; of alienation and community. Other categories are less obvious: the reader outsider the text; the illiterate precluded from the text; the marginal illustration to the text; the alienating quality of the Christian religion; the way in which art ‘makes strange’ what is familiar. Speakers have been asked to avoid the temptation to catalogue, writing papers that deal with ‘the Rhos and Byzantium’, ‘Byzantium and the Arabs’, ‘Crusaders and Byzantines’. The symposium will produce a synthesis of what we know now about how the Byzantines saw themselves and what they saw as the completely ‘Other’.

Contact Dion Smythe, Classics, King’s College, London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS; email: d.smythe @ Local arrangements are being co-ordinated by Ms Karen Wraith, CCS, Essex House, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BW2 2TP.


Studiedag over Deir-al-Sourian, april 1998, Leiden. Naar aanleiding van nieuwe belangrijke vondsten in de Kerk van Deir-al-Sourian, in de Wadi-al-Natrun, Egypte. Datum nog bekend te maken door Karel Innemée, Leiden

Words and Pictures: Early Christian Art and Thought

11 July. Words and Pictures: Early Christian Art and Thought. McAuley Campus, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane. To register write to The Secretary, Centre for Early Christian Studies, ACU, PO Box 247, Everton Park QLD 4053. Email:p.ackroyd @

Hildegard von Bingen

Bingen, Sept. 13-19, 1998: “Hildegard von Bingen in ihrem historischen Umfeld”.
Contact: 900 Jahre Hildegard von Bingen e. V.
Rochusallee, 40
D – 55411 BINGEN
Fax: +49 (0)11 49 6721 12006

Late Antique aesthetics and values

APA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 27-30 December 1998

Late Antique aesthetics and values

The inter-related themes of aesthetics and values impinge upon many areas of late Roman culture. The organizers of this panel encourage papers that both explore the relationships between these two themes in late antiquity and that also assess their place within the wider spectrum of political, social, religious, and artistic developments that distinguish the period. We also hope that contributors will link specific problems to some of the larger questions in our field that are still in need of discussion. For instance, the beginning of Late Antiquity has sometimes been located in the Severan age because of the appearance of certian styles of architecture and (following Eusebius of Caesarea) the political culture of Late Antiquity is often connected to the supposed growth of monotheism. What are the assumptions behind these connections? Similarly the rise of asceticism and the cult of the saints in the later fourth century is often placed in dynamic tension with significant shifts in the topography and social structures of the late antique city, while a common aesthetic sensibility has been detected in the age’s poetry and its art and architecture. Can these relationships be sustained and what do they imply? Finally, what role do assumptions about aesthetics and values play in the decision of some to draw lines of division between the world of Boethius and Caesarius of Arles and that of Gregory the Great and Gregory of Tours? We hope that be focusing attention upon questions of late antique aesthetics and values and, in particular, upon the relationships between these issues and the political and social history of the age, this panel’s papers will enhance our appreciation and understanding of its distinctive culture.

The panel is part of the APA three-year colloquium on Late Antiquity chaired by Emily Albu and Michele Salzman. The panel organizers are John Matthews (Department of Classics, PO Box 208262, Yale University, New Haven CT 06521) and Dennis Trout (Classics, Tufts University, Medford MA 02155)

18th International conference on the history of cartography

Athens, 11-16 july 1999

Organised by the Society for Hellenic Cartography and the National Hellenic Research Foundation, in collaboration with Imago Mundi Ltd.
Conference theme: ‘The Cartography of the Mediterranean World’ – and any other aspect of the history of cartography.
Languages: the conference will be conducted in English, French and Greek, with simultaneous translation.
If you are working on any aspect of the history of cartography and are interested in receiving further information, which will be issued in the ‘Call for Papers’ in Spring 1998, please complete the form below. This does not commit you in any way. [If you have already made a return by mail please let the Conference Secretary have your email address].

Email: gtolias @

Mail: 18th International Conference on the History of Cartography, The National Hellenic Research Foundation, 48 Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue, GR-116 35, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +301 721 0554
Fax: +301 724 6212

The Twenty-fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference

5-8 November 1998. The Twenty-fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference.

Call for Papers

The Twenty-fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference will be held at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, from Thursday, November 5 through Sunday, November 8, 1998. The conference is an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers on every aspect of Byzantine history and culture and is open to all, regardless of nationality or academic status. Abstracts must be postmarked no later than March, 15, 1998, or March 2, if submitted from abroad, and sent to Claudia Rapp, Program Chair, Institute for Advanced Study, Olden Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.A. (e-mail: clrapp @

Perspectives on Panopolis

Perspectives on Panopolis: an Egyptian town from Alexander the Great to the Arab conquest, 9-11 december 1998, Leiden. Organisatie: Vakgroep talen en culturen van het Nabije Oosten, sectie Egyptologie en Koptologie, in samenwerking met het Papyrologisch Instituut. Informatie: Jacques van der Vliet, Leiden.


Two new big museums are to be built in northern Greece, it was announced in Alexandroupolis recently by Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos. The announcement was made at the beginning of a tour by the Central Archaeological Council of the prefectures of Evros, Rhodopi, Xanthi and Thasos. An archaeological museum is to be built in Alexandroupolis and a Byzantine museum in Didimoticho. Meanwhile, the Council’s plans for the region include restoration work on the ancient theater on the island of Thasos, budgeted at 400 million drachmas and to repair the second basilica at the ancient site of Philippi. In addition, extensions are to be made to the Komotini archaeological museum at a cost of one billion drachmas.

(Hellenic Newsletter, Greece in print, 15-9-1997)

Kent State University Museum

November 6 to March 29 – Kent, OH

The Kent State University Museum is hosting an exhibit featuring traditional costumes of Greece, drawing mostly from the collection of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, accompanied by historic maps of the regions the costumes represent. For information call the museum at 330-672-3450.

(Greece in print, 15-11-1997)

Athos-tentoonstelling verlengd?

(Athens, 27/11/1997 (ANA))

Officials at the Cultural Capital of Europe-Thessaloniki ’97 have asked for the exhibition “Treasures of Mount Athos” to be extended until the end of May, as demand by visitors has gone beyond expectations.

The exhibition, which opened on June 22, has so far attracted more than 400,000 visitors, with revenues rising to more than half a billion drachmas.

Officials have already forwarded the request for extension to the monastic community of Mount Athos, whose response at the end of next week is expected to be positive.

Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam

Syrische Iconen, in het Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam; tot 19 april 1998, Willemskade 25, 3016 DM Rotterdam, tel. 010-4112201. Er is een catalogus beschikbaar: M. Immerzeel en A. Touma: Syrische iconen – Syrian Icons. Collectie / Collection Antoine Touma, Gent: Snoeck-Ducaju, [1997].

Nieuws uit de ‘Provincies’/News from the ‘Provinces’


We ontvingen de Society of Armenian Studies Newsletter, vol. 21, no. 3 (48), fall 1997 (ISSN 0740-5510). Naast boekennieuws en nieuws/publicaties van leden van de Society for Armenian Studies, wordt aandacht besteed aan studieprogramma’s voor Armeens aan Columbia University en The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Melding wordt ook gemaakt van een nieuw kwartaalblad, Armenian Forum, over hedendaagse zaken. ‘Specialists will tell each other and the educated non-specialist about their research on everything from public health in Armenia to gender and cultural identity in the Diaspora.’ Informatie over dit tijdschrift is te verkrijgen bij het Gomidas Institute, 2525 Fernbank Dr., Charlotto NC 28226-0726, U.S.A. of per

De Society for Armenian Studies geeft ook een Journal uit (J.S.A.S., editor: Dennis R. Papazian, director Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn; ISSN 0747-9301). Onlangs verscheen vol. 8 (1995), waarin onder andere een artikel van Roberta Ervine (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): ‘The Church of the Holy Archangels in Jerusalem: comments on its history and selected inscriptions’, een review essay van Mesrob K. Krikorian (Wenen): ‘Turkish historiography and the Armenian church’, en boekrecensies.

Adres voor correspondentie of informatie: Professor Dennis R. Papazian, Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, MI 48128-1491.

The Society for Armenian Studies publishes a Newsletter (latest issue is fall 1997, vol. 21, no. 3/48), in which mention is made of news on books, activities of members, and university programmes concerning Armenia, Armenian culture and language. The Society also publishes a Journal annually (vol. 8, 1995), edited by Professor Dennis R. Papazian, Director, Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn.

A new journal entitled Armenian Forum is about to appear for the first time, which will focus on contemporary affairs for specialists and non-specialists. The address for information about this quarterly journal is: Gomidas Institute, 2525 Fernbank Dr., Charlotto NC 28226-0726, U.S.A., or per e-mail: gomidas @


Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen


Greece in Print – 1997

The Hellenic Literature Society and the A.S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies with the support of many Greek American organizations, institutions and numerous individual volunteers, have announced the second major book exhibit of Greek literature and culture in New York City, “Greece in Print -1997.” The exhibit will take place on September 20 and 21, 1997, at the Greenberg Lounge of the Vanderbilt Hall Building of New York University from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The building is located at 40 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012. Discussion panels on Greek literature and culture will be held at Tishman Auditorium in the same building. The exhibit will take place concurrently, and is associated with the “New York is Book Country” cultural event organized by the city of New York. For further information and to reserve seats in the discussion panel program please call 201-666-7374.


  • Greenberg Lounge; Sep. 20 & 21, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Book Exhibit of Greek Literature and culture in English and in Greek
  • Donnell Library Exhibit
  • Magna Graecia photographic exhibit
  • H.P. Kraus, Greek Book Arts from the 15th to 20th Centuries exhibit

23rd Annual Byzantine Studies Conference

Sept. 26-28, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Info.: Pat Gaitan, tel. (608) 262-6696, fax (608) 265-3163; e-mailgaitan at

Christianization In The Early Middle Ages, 400-1000

The Group for the Study of Late Antiquity and the Medieval Studies Program at Princeton are organizing the First Annual Medieval Origins Graduate Conference on Christianization In The Early Middle Ages, 400-1000 to be held at Princeton University on October 18, 1997. This one-day conference will explore aspects of late antique and medieval Christianization, from the eastern frontiers of Byzantium to northern Europe, from the destruction of the Serapeum to the conversion of Iceland. Broad themes may include:

  • the strategies and frustrations of missionaries
  • “pagan reaction” and “pagan survival”
  • the recasting of non-Christian modes of expression for Christian use
  • the influence of Christianity on rural and urban topography

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Dennis Trout of Tufts University, who will present a paper on Christianization at the shrine of Saint Felix in early fifth century Nola.

Queries can be sent to one of the following addresses:

mail: Scott G. Bruce, 207 Dickinson Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544

email:jmgaddis at

fax: 609-258-1873 c/o Medieval Studies Program


A graduate-student conference on medieval studies. November 7-8th, 1997


Sean Morris
English Department
SUNY at Stony Brook Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350
smorris at

American Numismatic Society Arab-Byzantine Forum III

The third annual edition of the Society’s Forum on Arab-Byzantine numismatics will take place again this fall, on Saturday, November 15, at 10:00. At the forum, specialists in the Byzantine-style coinage issued under Arab rule in the eastern Mediterranean lands will exchange reports of their new finds and findings. As usual, the forum will be co-sponsored by the Oriental Numismatic Society.

A more formal notice will be sent out later to those known to be interested in the field, but anyone who would like to make a brief presentation to the group is invited to notify Society Curator of Islamic Coins Michael Bates. We would be delighted to hear from new contributors. Contributions on related non-numismatic historical topics are also welcome, particularly on the transition from Roman to Muslim rule in Bilad al-Sham.

The Forum will last all day. A registration fee of $20.00 will cover the cost of postage and printing, coffee, doughnuts, cookies, and an informal lunch. There is no cover charge for the entertainment!

Two-day international conference on the influence of St Ephraim the Syrian

16-18 December 1997 at School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Incl. Public lecture on 18 Dec. 1997 by Prof. Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America):

‘Most awakening of the ancients: the universality of St Ephraim the Syrian’.

Brunei Gallery lecture theatre, S.O.A.S., 7-8.30 p.m.

Registration fee £15. (Students, old age pensioners, £10).

Info.: S.O.A.S., Thornhaught street, Russell Square, London WC1 OXG.

Tel. 0171 3236137 and 0171 3236249

e-mail: ap7 at


Hagiography Society Newsletter

Sherry Reames schrijft:

“I am pleased to announce that the Hagiography Society Newsletter, starting with the current issue [March/April 1997], is now available on the web, thanks to the kind offices of the Bollandists. The address is

The site can may also be accessed through the regular Bollandist web-site by opening the rubric “what’s new” and following the appropriate link.

The current issue of the newsletter includes [among other things] a call for papers and some additional information about a small conference we are planning for July 1998 at Ammerdown (near Downside Abbey and Bath, in England) on the topic “Sanctity and Ritual.”


Synopsis: An Annual Index of Greek Studies

Editor-in-chief: Andrew Dimarogonas, Washington Univ.

Publisher: Harwood Academic Publishers (A division of Gordon & Breach)

Aims and scope

Synopsis is an index to the scholarly publications on Greek Studies for the benefit of those who work in the field. Research and review journals, conference proceedings, books, monographs and dissertations (about 10,000 entries per year) are indexed in the areas of Classical, Hellenistic, Biblical Greek, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern Greek Studies without defining precisely their lines of separation. Author, Subject, Text, Geographical and Name indexes are included. The Journal will also publish occasionally reviews and bibliographical studies, calls for papers and announcements of scholarly conferences.

The languages of the Journal are English and Greek. Titles in other languages will be cited in the original language or translated in English. The editorial language is English. Synopsis is published concurrently in printed and searchable electronic form for PC and Mac compatible computers.

The articles indexed or published are selected only on their scholarly value and without prejudice in respect to the opinions of the authors. Reader-submitted titles for indexing are only accepted if they appear in the journals or publishers lists that are indexed by the Journal. Suggestions for the selection of the journals to be indexed should be submitted to the editorial board through the editor, the associate editors or the editorial advisory board.

Ownership and circulation

Synopsis is published by Harwood Academic Publishers. First volume (for 1992) was published in January 1997. The 1993 and 1994 volumes will be published in 1997.


Inauguration of Kypros-Net

Kypros-Net is a new Internet information resource center for Cyprus. Kypros-Net was founded by a group of volunteers and operates as a not-for profit organization. Its primary goal is to build and maintain a rich resource site of ideas and activities on Cyprus, and to make it available to the general public. Such a site offers interested groups and individuals the opportunity to learn about Cyprus as well as the means to contribute towards the promotion of Cyprus. Kypros-Net establishes an important and very dedicated center of information on Cyprus and its people, by providing publications, important documents, treaties and reports, as well as daily news on Cyprus. Kypros-Net provides mirroring sites in the USA for the Government of Cyprus World Wide Web Pages, Web Pages of other Agencies and Organizations from Cyprus or the Diaspora and also support and hosting for a variety of projects about Cyprus with regards to all aspects of Cyprus life and the Diaspora. In addition it has its own publication, the monthly Kypros-Net Newsletter “The World of Cyprus”. Please visit Kypros-Net at the following URL:

Uit: Greece in print, April 1, 1997, 1/2

John Nordin’s Greece page

John Nordin, Boulder, CO (U.S.A.) schreef:

I’ve recently put some material related to Greece up on my home page, and I invite you to take a look at it.

and please take a look at the ‘photo tour of Patmos’ under the ‘places in Greece’ option.

By this note, I’d also invite you to tell me (or remind me) about your Greek homepages, or refer me to good sources.

Byzantium in de pers

Ankara denies that Agia Sofia in Trabzon will be converted into mosque

Istanbul, 20/06/1997

Turkish culture ministry spokesman Osman Kaya told ANA yesterday that there is no question of the historic Agia Sofia Cathedral in Trabzon, currently operating as a museum, being converted into a mosque.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Kaya said the building of the cathedral belongs to a non-profit organization to which the Turkish culture ministry will deliver the building.

During the past year, the Turkish culture ministry and the Vakuf Foundation have been contesting ownership of the building in the courts. Mr. Kaya said that some objects located in the old church at present will be taken to a nearby building, the historic Kostakis home, which will henceforth operate as a museum.

Commenting on reports in the Trabzon press yesterday, expressing concern that Agia Sofia might be converted into a mosque, Mr. Kaya said “there is nothing more than what I have described to you.”

The issue is dividing Turkish public opinion and has been repeatedly raised recently after the Islamic Welfare Party headed by Necmettin Erbakan came to power.

Uit: Athens news agency bulletin (No 1216), June 20, 1997


Robert Browning

Noted scholar Browning dies Athens, 12/03/1997 (ANA)

Well-known Greek history scholar and the president of the Committee for Return of the Parthenon Marbles Robert Browning died yesterday at the age of 83.

Browning, who suffered from cancer, headed the Byzantine Studies department at the University of London for many years and was actively involved in the promotion of many of Greece’s political and cultural issues.

He had been declared an official lecturer at Athens University and had been honored on two occasions by Greece.

French director Jules Dassin, the widow of former culture minister Melina Mercouri, also expressed regret at the death of Browning, as did Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Mr. Dassin, who heads the effort for return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum, said Greece has lost a “loving friend.”

Uit: Athens news agency bulletin (No 1136), March 12, 1997

Alexander Kazhdan

Dumbarton Oaks announces with great sadness the sudden death of Alexander Kazhdan, on May 29, 1997. Alexander was closely associated with Dumbarton Oaks from the time of his emigration to the United States in 1979, and some of its most important projects bear his name and imprint. He was a great scholar, who dedicated his life to the study of Byzantium in all its aspects, and whose many works have influenced the field profoundly. He was also a scholar who generously shared his knowledge with his colleagues. He will be greatly missed.

Ontvangen ter redactie

Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, vol. 7 (1994).

Society for Armenian Studies, Newsletter vol. 21 (1997) no 1-2.

Quest Books, catalogue eight: the Near East and Byzantine Studies (April 1997).

Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen


De redactie ontving het programma van de A.A. Brediusstichting, die gevestigd is in Kasteel Hernen, 6616 AH Hernen (tel. 0487-531387). Helaas lopen de meeste programmaonderdelen tot eind december, zodat dit nummer te laat komt om ze nog te vermelden.

Twee lezingen, georganiseerd door het Department of Classics/Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies van het King’s College, London:

27 januari 1997, 17:30. Seminar: Krijnnie Ciggaar (Leiden): ‘Three historical personalities, three contacts between the West & Byzantium: Theophanu, Guibert of Nogent, St. Bernard.’

6 februari 1997, 18:00: Sixth Annual Runciman Lecture: Prof. Anthony Bryer (Birmingham): ‘This is Roum country; they spoke christian here’. Who were the Byzantines?

Maart’97: The Glory of Byzantium, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Juli ’97: Treasures from Mount Athos, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki.
1997 Spring Symposium Byzantine Studies: Desire and denial in Byzantium.

University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, 21-24 March.
Informatie: Liz James, School of European Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton.
Tenth International Non-Slavic Languages Conference.

University of Chicago, 8-10 mei 1997. Direct hierna vindt de Conference on the Cultures of Caucasia plaats, 10-11 mei 1997.
Organisatie: Howard I. Aronson, Bill J. Darden, Victor A. Friedman, NSL-10, Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Chicago. 1130 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL. 60637. E-mail:
South African Conference on Patristic and Byzantine Studies

Prof. Hendrik F. Stander laat ons weten:

“The South African Society for Patristic and Byzantine Studies will hold a conference from 27-29 August 1997 in Pretoria. A considerable number of international scholars has already indicated that they would like to read a paper at this conference. The registration fee for the conference is US $30 (non-refundable) and must be received before January 31, 1997. All other information regarding the conference will only be sent to those whose registration fee has been paid. Please note that no other fees will be payable at the conference (the banquet is optional). Please make your cheque payable to the University of Pretoria and send it to myself.

You can also contact me by e-mail. Please send all your e-mail notes under the heading “S.A. Conference” (to enable me to distinguish them from junk mail).”

Prof. Hendrik F. Stander
Dept. of Ancient Languages
University of Pretoria
0002 Pretoria

De WWW pagina van het Oecumenische Patriarchaat van Constantinopel is nu online:

Verder nog interessante adressen:

(Informatie over Byzantium)

(Byzantijnse geschiedenis, kleding, etc.)

(Slavische geschiedenis)

(Russische kerkgeschiedenis)

Athens News Agency Bulletin (No 1050), November 26, 1996
Greek Press & Information Office
Ottawa, Canada
E-Mail Address:

Attempt to convert Byzantine-era cathedral into mosque creates friction within Turkey
Istanbul, 26/11/1996 (ANA – A. Kourkoulas)

An attempt by the Turkey’s directorate of charitable foundations to convert the Byzantine cathedral of Agia Sophia in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon into a mosque is causing the reaction of the Turkish ministry of culture, press reports noted yesterday. The same reports say the ministry is claiming property rights over the church, after the directorate issued instructions for its conversion. The ruling Refah party has made it clear that “does not consider this initiative necessary.”
Ontvangen ter redactie

Byzantine studies in Australia newsletter 32 (1996) oct. Met overnames uit GH 4.1
Society for Armenian Studies Newsletter: Vol. 20, no. 1 (summer 1996).
Catalogus nr. 7 van Quest Books, Harmer Hill, Millington, York YO4 2TX, UK.


Een selectie uit de fondslijst 1996 van uitgeverij Porphyrogenitus :

Monumenta Peloponnesiaca, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1995
A collection of 320 fully annotated, unpublished documents in Latin, Italian, and Greek, drawn from the archives of Dubrovnik, Florence, Malta, Paris, Venice and the Vatican. These documents shed a new light on the political, social, and economic conditions in the Peloponnese in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. 16 plates, map, full index, select vocabulary. 704 pages, 280 x 220mm, hardback, ISBN 1 871328 06 3. Price £130.

Kathegetria: essays in honour of J.M. Hussey, ed. J. Chrysostomides, 1988
A collection of 31 articles by internationally distinguished scholars, exploring a wide range of important aspects of Byzantine history – a fitting tribute to Professor Hussey’s contribution to Byzantine studies.
Contributors include J. Darrouzes, J. Koder, H. Hunger, S. Runciman.
543 pages, 242 x 170mm, hardback, maps, analytical index.
ISBN 1 871328 00 4.
Price £45.

The journals and letters of George Finlay, ed. J.M. Hussey, 1995
The journals and selected correspondence of the nineteenth-century Scottish scholar, traveller, and philhellene. His writings provide a vivid picture of day to day life in Greece, and will be an invaluable source to topographers, archaeologists and historians. This edition is richly illustrated with over 130 of Finlay’s own sketches. 949 pages, 240 x 165mm, hardback in two vols.
ISBN 1 871328 10 1. Price £95.

Jonathan Harris, Greek Emigres in the West 1400-1520, 1995
Most studies of emigrants from Constantinople and Greece in Western Europe in this period have focused on the scholars who contributed so much to the study of Greek during the Italian Renaissance. This original investigation reveals that they also included physicians, shipbuilders, artists, and other skilled craftsmen, and argues that the readiness of western regimes to employ them undermines traditional assumptions about Byzantium’s cultural and technological backwardness in the century before the fall of Constantinople. 282 pages, 220 x 150mm, hardback, index, full bibliography.
ISBN 1 871328 11 X. Price £45.

In voorbereiding:

The letter of the three patriarchs to the emperor Theophilus and related texts, ed. J. Chrysostomides, Ch. Dendrinos, and J.A. Munitiz
A new edition, with English translation, notes and substantive introduction on historical, literary and iconographical aspects of these texts, which belong to the second period of the iconoclast movement (813-843). An introductory essay by J. Chrysostomides offers a new assessment of the authenticity of the largest text, The Letter of the Three Patriarchs. c.300 pages, 240 x 160 mm, plates, indices, hardback. ISBN 1 871328 12 8. Price approx £65.

Te bestellen bij:

Porphyrogenitus Ltd.
27 Upper Gordon Road
Surrey, GU15 2HJ
United Kingdom

Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen


De Bollandisten zijn te vinden op:

Ze bieden o.a. overzichten van tijdschriften, naslagwerken over heiligen, congressen; inhoudsopgave van Analecta Bollandiana. Het is een duidelijke, goedverzorgde en overzichtelijke website.

Er is nu een Late Antiquity newsletter te verkrijgen, aldus een aankondiging via een Internet-diskussie-lijst. Of deze nieuwsbrief via de gewone brievenbus komt (‘slakkenpost’) of via de elektronische, is niet duidelijk. Men kan in aanmerking komen voor een nummer door uw post- (en e-mail)adres te e-mailen naar:

Of een brief te sturen naar:

Ralph W. Mathisen
Professor, Ancient and Byzantine history
Dept. of history,
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208


Monemvasia: 20-22 juli 9de Symposium ‘History and art’, over ‘Theory and practice for the restoration of historic settlements for use or new use’. Informatie: H. Kalligas, Monemvasia 23070, Griekenland. Fax 0732-61781

Kopenhagen: 18-24 aug. 19de Internationale Congres van Byzantijnse Studies

Louvain-la Neuve: 4-7 sept. VIIde conferentie Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes. Informatie: Prof. Bernard Coulie, Place Blaise Pascal 1, B-1348 Louvain-La Neuve, België

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 24-27 okt. 22nd Annual Byzantine Studies Conference. Informatie: Programme committee, BSC, c/o Elizabeth Fisher, Dept. of Classics,Acad. Center T 345, The George Washington University, Washington DC 20052


Nieuws uit Armenië, 2de jaargang nr 4/3de jaargang nr 1, februari 1996. Armeens nieuwsblad voor Nederland.

Journal of the society for Armenian studies, volume 6, 1992, 1993 (1995), ISSN 0747-9301. Editor: Dennis R. Papazian

Catalogue six: the Levant van Quest Books, antiquariaat dat gespecialiseerd is in boeken over Byzantijnse studies, reizen en archeologie. Adres voor informatie: Harmer Hill, Millington, York YO4 2TX, England. 44 p.


Dit bericht werd ontvangen op de BYZANS-discussielijst in februari, van Bob Atchison (batchison @

Turkish Islamists calls for Ayia Sophia to be turned into a mosque.
The Turkish Islamic Welfare Party headed by Necmettin Erbakan is once again demanding the Ayia Sophia Cathedral be converted into a mosque. Deputy Veysel Cadan said his party would table a draft law to have Ayia Sophia operate again as a mosque.

En nog een bericht:

Ecumenical News International News Highlights 27 February 1996 EXTRACT
Estonia conflict threatens unity of Orthodox churches Moscow (ENI).
A bitter conflict between two of the world’s most influential church bodies – the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople – has taken on the proportions of a national crisis in Russia. Dmitry Pospielovsky, a historian at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, said in today’s Moscow Times newspaper that the conflict could “constitute the most serious division of the Christian church since the split between Rome and Constantinople” in the 11th century.

Nog een bericht dat binnenkwam via de computer, van Paul Halsall:
(te bereiken via

ONLINE BYZANTINE TEXTBOOK As part of the ORB [Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies], a section on Byzantium is to be added. ORB/BYZ is looking for contributions.
Proposed contributions should be about 3-5 pages in length, although longer contributions will be accepted. Some sort of peer-review will be set up before contributions are added to the textbook. Contributions are needed for overviews of suggested topics, as well as for the subheadings. Each contribution should also have a short bibliography attached, and reference to relevant World Wide Web sites, if known.

Byz-Niz: Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen (3:2)

Byzantium en aanverwanten op het Internet

Het aantal adressen van informatiediensten en discussielijsten op het Internet groeit met de week. Hieronder hebben we eerst de discussielijsten gesorteerd, en daarna de overige adressen.


ELENCHUS: Christianity in Late Antiquity Discussion Group
mail review ELENCHUS naar

MEDTEXTL: Medieval Texts – Philology Codicology and Technology
mail review MEDTEXTL naar

NUMISM-L: Ancient/Medieval Numismatics
mail review NUMISM-L naar

MGSA-L: Modern Greek Studies List
mail review MGSA-L naar

EOCHR-L: Eastern Orthodox Christianity discussion
mail review EOCHR-L naar

Overige adressen

Dit is de Byzantine studies web site van Paul Halsall, waarop hij onder andere recensies van boeken over Byzantium verzamelt. Hij wil deze homepage uitbreiden met o.a. syllabi en uittreksels van cursussen, en met papers die gegeven zijn op conferenties maar die niet gepubliceerd worden.

Via deze web site kan men ook vertalingen van literatuur van de kerkvaders raadplegen in de Pachomius-library: ‘we are archiving uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the Acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints, etc., all of which may be freely reproduced by anyone.’

Er is nu ook een Gregorius van Nyssa-homepage!

Hier kan men vertalingen van Gregorius’ werken aantreffen, gemaakt door Casimir McCambley, en inleidingen en bibliografieën.

Dumbarton Oaks heeft een web site voor informatie over hun publikaties:


Activiteiten in de Karmel, Burg. Wuiteweg 162, 9203 KP Drachten. Tel.: 0512-512103. In dit voormalige Karmelitessenklooster worden regelmatig studieweekeinden georganiseerd met als thema’s spiritualiteit, kunst en cultuur.

10 en 11 februari: Keltische kunst en cultuur. Fl. 200,-

19 t/m 22 feb.: de woestijnvaders. Fl. 320,-

2 en 3 maart: Middeleeuwse pelgrimages. Fl. 200,-

29 april t/m 2 mei: Middeleeuwse kloosters. Fl. 520,-

11 en 12 mei: het Syrische christendom. Fl. 200,-

Op donderdag 30 mei wordt in Tilburg een studiedag georganiseerd door de Actie en ontmoeting oosterse kerken, getiteld: Het Syrisch christendom van India”. De inleider is Dr. Johannes Madey, specialist in het oosters christendom van India. Hij zal in het Duits spreken. De dag duurt van 10.15 tot 16.30 en kost fl. 29,50 incl. lunch. Adres: Dr Nuyensstraat 4, Tilburg. Inschrijven tot 15 mei.


Dead or alive: the Byzantine world in the ninth century. The 30th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, The University of Birmingham: 23-26 maart 1996.

XIX International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Copenhagen 18-24 augustus 1996.

Byz-Niz Berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen (3:1)


21-26 aug.’95: Oxford, Twelfth International Conference on Patristic Studies.

14-17 sept.’95: Portaferry, Co. Down: ter ere van de 21ste verjaardag van Byzantine Studies aan de Queen’s University Belfast is er een colloquium georganiseerd dat zal gaan over het Evergetis-project getiteld: ‘Work and worship at the Theotokos Evergetis c.1050 – c.1200’ .

Nov.’95: Paris-Auxerre, ‘Le miracle est-il nécessaire au saint? Les saints et leur miracles à travers l’hagiographie chrétienne et islamique (IIIe-XVe siècle).

9-11 nov.’95: New York, 21st Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, New York University.

9-12 nov.’95: Londen, ‘Material for village and urban economies in the early Byzantine Near East in the 6th- 8th centuries: Trade and Exchange in the period 565-750, Late Antiquity and early Islam’, School of African and Oriental Studies.


Tot en met 10 sept.: tentoonstelling religieus museum te Uden (Vorstenburg 1): ‘De grote en kleine Antonius’. Betreft de verering van Antonius Abt en Antonius van Padua.


Internet-gebruikers kunnen wat betreft Byzantium onder andere meedoen aan de volgende discussielijsten:

Late Antiquity

An unmoderated list that provides a discussion forum for topics relating to Late Antiquity (c. AD 260-640)

Stuur een e-mail bericht naar:

Laat de ‘subject regel’ open en typ:



Stuur een e-mail bericht naar:

Laat de ‘subject regel’ open en typ:



Gaat u een Byzantijns klooster bezoeken, of heeft u er één bezocht? Heeft u fotomateriaal of dia’s? Het Evergetis-project aan de Queen’s University te Belfast beheert een archeologisch foto-archief ter ondersteuning van hun onderzoek. Er is namelijk geen enkel overblijfsel van het Theotokos-Evergetis-klooster dat in de elfde eeuw in Constantinopel stond. Daarom en ook vanwege de waarde van zo’n verzameling voor later onderzoek, leek het de project-medewerkers de moeite waard materiaal over kloosters uit de middel-Byzantijnse tijd te verzamelen in een archief.

Als u kunt meewerken aan het archief door materiaal (bijv. foto’s) beschikbaar te stellen, kunt u contact opnemen met:

Evergetis Project, Byzantine Studies,
Queen’s University of Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN

Byzantium in de pers

In De Volkskrant van 17 maart 1995 verscheen aan artikel over de Alawieten in Nederland; in Het Financieële Dagblad van 14-16 januari 1995 verscheen het artikel ‘Schitterende symbolen uit Byzantium’ van Jamilla Luijckx-Westerop, over de grote Byzantium-tentoonstelling die in het British Museum te zien was tot half april 1995.

Byz-Niz: berichten uit de O.B.O.-burelen (2:2)

Congressen en symposia in 1995

7-10/4: 29th Spring symposium of Byzantine Studies, dit jaar in Londen bij King’s College. Volgens de aankondiging: ‘Through the Looking-Glass, British reflections of Byzantium’.

1-4/4: meeting van de Classical Association, dit jaar gewijd aan de Late Oudheid, te St. Andrews, Schotland.

7-9/7: 9th conf. of the Australia Association for Byzantine Studies, Brisbane. Thema: the sixth century: end or beginning?

Melbourne: conferentie over Patristische theologie en spiritualiteit.

Oxford: Patristisch congres

Utrecht, Catharijneconvent: tot 26 feb. is daar ‘Byzantijnse kunst uit Roemenië’ te zien. Het betreft de collectie uit het Nationaal Museum te Boekarest, dat nu gerenoveerd wordt.

Londen, dec’94-23 april ’95: ‘Byzantium- treasures of Byzantine art and culture from British collections’.