The Late Antiquity Research Group

The Late Antiquity Research Group, or LARG, was established in the UK in 1996. Its primary purpose is to promote and coordinate archaoelogical and related ( historical) research on the period AD 300-700 in the whole of the Roman (and former) Roman world by specialists working in the UK.

However, the Group also maintains a very active programme of international academic and research links. This is designed both to assist members of the Group and to help those who are seeking to establish cooperative research programmes with UK scholars, international field projects or simply seeking help regarding the latest work on some related area of study by UK scholars.

LARG currently has three spheres of activity, the oversas programme already referred to, a formal membership within Britain and a core research group based at Reading. The UK membership attend research seminars and other meetings, undertake an annual field trip and exchange information regarding current work in the field. Research by the core group centres on two principal issues: the end of Roman Britain and the archaeology of the Byzantine empire. Both the Chair and current Academic Secretary have personal research interests in these areas and these topics are by far the most commonly studied among the membership.

Any readers of GH based in the UK may apply for (currently free) membership to:

Late Antiquity Research Group
Faculty of Letters
University of Reading
Whiteknights, Reading, RG66AA

Readers based in academic organizations outside the UK interested in the advantages offered by LARG for collaborative projects and advice about the latest UK research in their area, can apply for the ‘Overseas Fellowship Programme’. This offers non-stipendary fellowships to established scholars in the field outside the UK, within the context of reciprocal formal linkages. The Programme is designed to establish formal academic relationships between LARG and academic organizations with related interests throughout the world. Those wishing to participate should initially contact:

Late Antiquity Research Group
324 Norbury Avenue
London, SW16 3RL