Medewerkers – Contributors

Alexander Mirkovic is a graduate assistant at the Department of History of the University of South Florida. He is working on a Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Vanderbilt University) of which the title of the thesis will be: Prelude to Constantine: King Abgar of Edessa.

André de Raaij is a social historian (University of Amsterdam) whose interests involve currents in religious anarchism in The Netherlands and elsewhere. He is one of the founders of Golden Horn.

Golden Horn Volume 8, issue 2 (spring 2001)

Medewerkers/Contributors Volume 8, issue 1 (summer-fall 2000)

Gouden Hoorn 8,1: Medewerkers/Contributors


Peter Beatson, Ph.D. (Microbiology) is a ‘living history’ enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He has written several reviews on archaeological and historical matters for his fellow hobbyists, and he reconstructs historical artefacts for a living. His main interest in Byzantine Studies is the everyday life of Byzantines around the turn of the 10-11th centuries.

Annabelle Parker is a Byzantinist, who works on a thesis involving a critical edition of the Vita Syncleticae. Currently she is translating the Wisdom of St Isaac into Dutch.

Medewerkers – Contributors Volume 7, issue 2 (winter 1999-2000)


Edip Aydın is in the 3rd year of a Master of Divinity program at St.Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, New York and writing his thesis on ‘The History of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America: Challenges and Opportunities’. Also, he is involved in Christianity A to Z, the Bimillenium Christian Dictionary project, contributing up to seventy entries about the lives of the saints in the Syriac liturgical tradition.

Karin White is in the final year of her PhD degree. Her research is focussed on the relationship between Roma (Gypsies) and settled people in Byzantium in comparison with such relationships today, in former Byzantine territories.

Ann Moffatt is a lecturer in the Department of Classics and Modern European Languages at Australian National University and one of the founding members of AABS.