News from Groningen

by Peter Hatlie

The second workshop on women and religion in the Middle Ages, sponsored by the Dutch National School of Medieval Studies, will take place on 18-19 oct. 1996 here in Groningen. The Byzantine participants this year will include: Eunice Dautermann-Maguire (University of Illinois), Sharon Gerstel (University of Maryland), Judith Herrin (King’s College London), Henry Maguire (University of Illinois), and Alice- Mary Talbot (Dumbarton Oaks). Peter Hatlie (RuG) will act as the coordinator of the Byzantine section. A publication is expected in 1997-8. Info: hatlie @

In connection with the workshop, Judith Herrin will give a public lecture here in Groningen. Title to be announced. Tentative date 21 october 1996. Info:hatlie @

An International Congress on Pre-Modern Encyclopedic Texts will convene in Groningen on 1-4 july 1996. Among the participants are two Byzantinists. Info:binkley @ The names and their papers are as follows:

  • Christian Mileta, “Diodor, Photios und Konstantin VII Porphyrogennetos und die Sizilischen Sklavenkriege: Über die Schwierigkeiten im Umgang mit byzantinischen Exzerptsammlungen.”
  • Frank Trombley, “Byzantine encyclopaedism and the tactical doctrine in the tenth-century frontier wars”.

Peter Hatlie recently delivered a paper in London, at a conference held at King’s College, entitled “Friends and Friendship Networks in the Middle Ages”. Hatlie’s paper was entitled, “Friendship, Church Politics, and Other Disappointments During the Byzantine Iconoclast Age.”

The Groningen Library has acquired a copy of The Hagiographic Database of the Ninth Century, a computerized data base of all ninth-century saints lives developed at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C. under the direction of Alexander Kazhdan and Alice- Mary Talbot.

News from Groningen

by Peter Hatlie

There have been a few events worthy of note and others to look forward to.

Prof. Henry Maguire of the University of Illinois and Dumbarton gave a lecture in Groningen on 21 Sept. 1995. It was entitled Magic and Money in the Early Middle Ages. The local research group COMERS (The Centre for Oriental, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies) and the Department of Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies sponsored it.

A workshop involving Byzantium took place in Groningen on 22-23 September. The participants were Prof. Judith Herrin of King’s College London, Profs. Eunice Dautermann Maguire and Henry Maguire of the University of Illinois and Dumbarton Oaks, and Dr. Alice-Mary Talbot of Dumbarton Oaks. The topic of the workshop was Women and Religion in the Middle Ages, East and West. Herrin addressed the period from late antiquity to Iconoclasm. Dautermann Maguire and Maguire discussed the material culture of religious women for the entire Byzantine age. Talbot focused on Byzantine women from Iconoclasm to 1453. There were also several prominent Western Medievalists on the program, which prompted much lively discussion about the similarities and differences in religious devotion by women in the two different cultures. Another meeting of the workshop is being organized for 1996, and there are tentative plans for a publication for 1997. For more information, contact Peter Hatlie in Groningen.

COMERS will sponsor an International Congress on Pre- Modern Encyclopedic Texts on 1-4 July 1996. Five main sessions are planned, each of which is meant to include all the disciplines represented by COMERS, including Byzantine. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 January 1996. Byzantine scholars are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract. For more information (or to submit your abstract), contact Dr. Peter Binkley, Int’l Encyclopedia Congress, Oude Boteringestraat 23, 9712 GC Groningen, The Netherlands. Tel. (050) 262 72 63. Information is also available on the World Wide Web (WWW) at:

Dr. Spartharakis (Leiden), Van Gemert (Amsterdam) and Hatlie (Groningen) have arranged for a visit to the Netherlands by Dr. Massimo Bernabo, an art historian from the University of Florence, Italy. Among his several publications is The Byzantine Octateuchs (forthcoming), which he co-authored with the late Prof. Kurt Weitzmann. Dr. Bernabo will visit and lecture in each of the above universities in late February/early March 1996. For more information, contact one of the sponsors above.

Drs. Thanasis Dialektopoulos took his diploma in Byzantinologie on 5 October 1995. The title of his scriptie, written in Greek, was Observations on the issue of education according to the church fathers of the fourth century. Warm congratulations to Thanasis for completing his course of study.